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It’s Not Easy Being Green

Let me tell you about sea-sickness.

Not everyone gets it.

I used to, I used to get it bad. The first 4-5 days of a trip I’d be useless. But I grew out of it, then moved to ships where sea-sickness isn’t so much of a problem – cruise ships. Especially ocean Liners such as the QM2 – which I’ve gone through a force 11 on & it was hardly moving.

Then after cruising for 5 – 6 years I moved company again & got into the Offshore oil & gas supply/support industry. This is where the weather is. Oil & gas doesn’t generally like being found in nice calm mill pools, it generally gets found in rough shitty horrible waters.

My first ship in this company, I joined in Sunderland wet dock, we sailed for Denmark. Straight into a storm. 20 foot swells, 60-70 knot winds, waves breaking on deck the works. I was biblically ill. Never ever felt so bad in my life. Honestly. For 4 days. It should have only taken us 1.5 days. Never has anyone been as ill as I was.

But as with most things you get used to it. Now these days I can go into a force 10 straight in the face, no need for the sturgeon 15. No need to sleep in the cement tunnel as its quiet and
Calmest there. I’ve grown accustomed to the seas ways.

But like anyone else, you do take the piss out of guys new to the industry, when they hit their first swell & the clammy greyness comes over them. When they stop mid sentence to sprint to the nearest suitable hole to deposit their lunch. But it’s all good fun.

The sea was always rougher than it is at present. No one has experienced seas as rough as you had them. But that’s all part of the game.

This however is work weather & is a typical example of weather for November/December time between Aberdeen & the Cormorant/Brent oil Fields off the Shetlands.

Come join us sometime. It’s fun really




Hello from an extremely rocky and rolly North Sea

We hit the weather at about 0200 this morning and I got thrown (literally) out of my bunk at 0415 after managing to get to sleep at about 0100. Since then I have been thrown into 7 door frames,, thrown off a sofa 3 times, seen the Cook chase roast chicken around the galley after they escaped from the galley stove in a cooked bid for freedom, and hand a banging headache.

We have a couple of greenies on deck. This is when a very large wave crashes on deck and dumps pure water as opposed to just foam and white stuff. It is actually quite exciting for a while when weather gets like this. You get to see the sea in all its glory and doing what it does best.

I also feel that when the weather is like this our job holds greater significance as we still work through this weather, we still carry cargo out to those that need it and still get from point Alpha to Echo, Via Beta, Charlie and Delta.

Our job is to get the cargo to its point of requirement, in some of the roughest seas.

It makes me feel alive and worthwhile doing my job in rough weather, its makes me feel more unique. Its makes me feel that this is a job not everyone can do and that I have the correct mindset and the correct minerals to do it.

Not until you’ve been able to walk on the bulkheads (walls) because the ships been listing (leaning) over so much due to weather can you say you’ve seen bad weather.

The sea at the moment is dark dark blue, and between the mountains of waves bearing down on us the wind is blowing the water into mini ripples. There are waves breaking all around us, and as we plough through the water we are leaving a bright brilliant blue mixture of foam and water in our wake.

The spray from the ship’s bow as we punch our way through another wall of water is pretty impressive and in the short time I was on the bridge, the spray came up to the windows many times.

I love weather like this, i just wish it would let me sleep that’s all.

But as the old saying goes “Weather is a great metaphor for life – sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s bad, and there’s nothing much you can do about it ”

So next time you are complaining about the wind or rain, remember some of us out enjoy it, some of us work with it, some of us fight it and some of us live with it. To me it’s another day at work, but one that makes me feel that more important, because I’m out here doing it.